B2Bx for SSEK
SSEK is a business oriented standard for secure and reliable B2B communication based on globally accepted standards from W3C, IETF, and OASIS. Examples of such standards are XML, SOAP, Web Services, WS-Security, SSL, and X.509v3, and the standard is enforcing interoperability on communication, security, and transaction flows. The SSEK standard has evolved in the swedish insurance industry for a couple of years and is now mature enough for wide-spread and large-scale deployment.
  Though beeing developed in the insurance industry SSEK is applicable in any business community with high demands on security. Read more on SSEK at www.ssek.org (only in swedish).
  The B2Bx for SSEK package contains the flexible B2Bx middleware and a 100% SSEK standard compatible implementation. As projects has shown it takes about 6 to 9 months to develop a fully SSEK compatible implementation from scratch, and even more if your business have extensive requirements on security, scalability, roubustness, and dynamics.
  Deploying B2Bx for SSEK is the single-most time efficient way of having your business ready for SSEK, without deficit on security, scalability, roubustness, and flexibility.

» Product sheet (swedish) [PDF]
» Technical overview [PDF]